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DMEPOS and Healthcare Business Start-Up Consultation and Guidance

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DME for Me Consulting offers extensive, comprehensive, and thoughtful consultation support for those in the DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, Supplies) industry. Whether you are just beginning your journey to business ownership, or are a seasoned operator of a clinic or practice requiring assistance with a DMEPOS program, DME for Me is here to be your partner step by step.

There are many Healthcare Providers who provide services of which DMEPOS would aid in rounding out the Provider’s scope of services, and allow for comprehensive care for patients. Specialties including Pharmacists, Chiropractors, PT/OTs and other Providers can greatly benefit by becoming Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Supplier.

The experience and expertise of DME for Me Consulting is also provided for Non-Emergent Medical Transport (NEMT) Services, Medical/Nurse Staffing Agencies, Solo Practice Physicians, and more.

Creating a DMEPOS or Healthcare Business is a highly regulated and complicated process, which can vary drastically depending on location and product specialization.  Utilizing an experienced consultant who is knowledgeable in the nuanced complexities of your situation is paramount to the success and sustainability of your business. 

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DME for Me Consulting offers credentialing consultation services to help you navigate the complexities and requirements of private insurance, workers comp, and Medicare Advantage enrollments. Improperly filed enrollment applications can cause months in delays and exponential loss in revenue. We provide you with transparent access to the status of your applications/enrollments as we go, with the peace of mind knowing it is done correctly and efficiently.
DME for Me Consulting offers comprehensive consultation services for those wishing to start a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier business. Our services take a business from scratch to Accreditation ready and enrolled to bill Insurance. We keep your goals and budget strongly in mind while prioritizing compliance and the sustainability of your business. DME for Me Consulting provides the opportunity for current Chiropractors, Pharmacists, and other practice owners to learn how to increase the scope of care they provide patients, while adding a substantial revenue source to their practice.
We offer complete support and consultation services for start-up NEMT businesses and those wishing to become enrolled NEMT providers within their brokerage area. Licensure and permitting requirements for contract/broker enrollment vary state by state, let DME for Me Consulting use experience and expertise to navigate the complexities of NEMT enrollment on your behalf.
DME for Me Consulting offers the expertise to build your new Medical Staffing Agency to Joint Commission Standards. Many states are moving or have moved in favor of requiring strict licensing and regulation for new and current Agencies. Start your business off right or give yourself the peace of mind knowing your business is Accreditation ready with comprehensive consultation services from DME for Me Consulting.
Own a DME or business in healthcare? Have questions but don’t know who to ask? DME for Me Consulting knows what that feels like. We are here to provide all kinds of comprehensive consultation support for your business and be a resource to hold on to. From vendor guidance to billing to marketing, we have answers to your questions. Schedule and appointment today to start getting your questions answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

DME for Me Consulting LLC was founded by Price A. Wooding, a DMEPOS Industry expert and business owner, with the intention of making the industry more accessible and understandable to prospective and current business owners. Specifically, prospective, or current owners who have strong patient centricity and compliance values.

With 15 years of comprehensive industry experience, including building Accredited DMEPOS businesses in multiple states, DME for Me Consulting understands the frustrations and pain points when entering and industry with as steep of a learning curve as DMEPOS.

Achieving and maintaining compliance is an ongoing challenge, which changes each year due to legislative and policy changes. Keeping an “ear to the ground” for industry movements is essential, understanding the ebbs and flows of the product niches is fundamental, and DME for Me Consulting is your partner in all of it.

DME for Me Consulting LLC offers the expertise and guidance to navigate the regulatory minefield of building a successful and sustainable business in Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT), Healthcare/Nurse Staffing Agencies, and more.

Simply put, the Durable Medical Equipment industry is continually booming. While the learning curve to entry to the industry is steep, a compliant and well ran DME Supplier can have enormous revenue potential. With referral agreements, niche product specialization, Workers Comp enrollment, and other insurance networking opportunities, the potential for profit is only limited by the owner/operator's passion and diligence. To remain sustainable and insure long lasting profitability, it is essential to have a strong prioritization of compliance adherance. Many Durable Medical Equipment Supplies fall by the wayside due to falling out of compliance, many times without their own knowledge.

Absolutely! Becoming a DMEPOS Provider is a great way to not only elevate the scope of care you are able to provide your patients, but also add a substantial source of revenue. Becoming an Accredited DMEPOS Supplier and enrolling in Medicare Part B opens the door to significant increases in profitability while raising the standard of care for your patients.

The cost of starting a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Supply vary, in respect to leased office space and supplies, delivery vehicles, staffing, stc. Below is an estimate as to the standard costs you will encounter when starting your Durable Medical Equipment company:

Liability Insurance: Cost varies. Options to pay premium in full or finance monthly payments. (VGM Recommended)

$50,000 Surety Bond: Thecost and approval of the bond varies person to person. (VGM Recommended, discounted when Liability Insurance Coverage is held with them as well)

State Licensing: Cost ranges wildly depending on the state your business is doing business in. These can be from $0-$2000. For example: Colorado=$350

Delivery Vehicle Insurance: This depends on your usage of a delivery vehicle, which not all DME Suppliers do.

Workers Compensation: Depending on your state's requirements, you may be required to have Workers Comp coverage for applicable staff.

Insurance Billing: If you do not have trained in-house billing staff to handle your insurance claims, a Billing Service will need to be employed. The way Billing Services charge can vary, though usually follows either a percentage of total claims, a monthly fee, or hourly rates for FT staff. There are many companies providing these services and finding the right one to compliment your business's needs can be tricky.

Software: Electronic Health Record (EHR) software or software with similar capabilities for patient intake, health record storage, insurance eligibility and claim submission will be necessary to operate a compliment and efficient DME. Software of this type can be acquired through subscription payments or a flat, one-time fee.

Accreditation Fee: Varies depending on Accreditation Body.

A minimum start-up investment capability of $75,000 is recommended.

You may have heard of the CMS DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program. This program essentially coordinates the payment and dispensability of certain products/product categories to Suppliers that have won their bid for their area of coverage. As of 2022, the only product categories contained in the Competitive Bidding Program are Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Back and Knee braces. All previous categories that were under Competitive Bid are now freely able to be dispensed by Licensed and Accredited providers without the need to win a contract bid. For more information visit: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/DMEPOSCompetitiveBid


Standard Steps for DME Creation


Create LLC or Incorporation


Obtain FEIN


Obtain State Sales Tax and City/County Licensing*


Obtain NPI through NPPES


Obtain State DME Licensing*


Liability Insurance and Surety Bond


Apply for and obtain Accreditation from CMS approved DMEPOS Accreditor


Apply for and obtain State DME Licensing*


Complete online or paper CMS Application for Medicare Part B


Successfully complete CMS on-site inspection


Pass CMS comprehensive fingerprinting and background check

*As Applicable. Licensing and the procedure order may vary depending on the state and/or city/county you wish to do business in.

DMEPOS and Healthcare Consultation Services Available to Clients Nationwide