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Looking to find a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier to dispense to your Patient?

Frustrated with handling DME in house?

Interested in more knowledge/education on how to choose suppliers and how to know if they can dispense the equipment needed by your patient?

This page provides answers for Medical Professionals who are assisting patients with satisfying their Durable Medical Equipment or Aids of Daily Living needs.

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Many clinics and smaller physicians’ offices find dealing with the dispensing and billing of DME in-house to be frustrating and time consuming.  DME for Me provides clinics with a efficient and patient centric way of easily referring patients through our Clinician Portal.  This seamless transition from your office to ours empowers patients with complete transparency of the DME process with unparalleled patient support from our staff of Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialists (CDME).     

Once your clinic’s profile has been created, quickly upload the required documentation for your patient.  Enter in the necessary demographics, and the Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialists at DME for Me will guide your patient through the process of having their equipment delivered directly to their homes.

DME for Me is Medicare Part B approved and continuing to enter into agreements with additional insurance providers. We do everything in our power to provide patients with the absolute best care without looking to charge any more than necessary.  Compliant with all CMS regulations, DME for Me collects co-insurance/deductible from patients when required.  DME for Me never charges above the Medicare Allowable and ONLY provides high quality and industry leading equipment. 

DME for Me is a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier that is bonded inseparable from it’s core values and business principals of Empathy, Education, and Empowerment.  

What is a Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist?
    The Board of Certification/Accreditation provided a specialized certification for Durable Medical Equipment Professionals who have demonstrated expertise in their field and industry.  Know that your patients will be treated empathetically and with the highest degree of professionalism when they are referred to our CDME staff at DME for Me. 


These three values represent, in every way, how DME for Me operates and interacts with our Patients and Clinician colleagues. We believe that the only way to do business in the Durable Medical Equipment industry is with steadfast empathetic engagements with our patients. Treating them as family, taking the care for their needs as we would take for our own. Sharing our knowledge through education and absolute transparency of the ENTIRE process. Empowering our patients with the understanding and control of their DME care plan.

Choosing a Durable Medical Equipment Provider
DME for Me accredited through The Board Of Certification and Accreditation and approved through the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide Durable Medical Equipment to 44 States and all US Territories.  

DME for Me is accredited to provide products that fall within 9 separate product codes:

The equipment that falls under these categories is licensed to be provided, dispensed, and billed by DME for Me.

All Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers that maintain state licensing must go through the rigorous accreditation process demanded by CMS to demonstrate that the supplier adheres to the strict regulations set down by CMS.  These regulations are in place to ensure the privacy and satisfaction of patients and capability of the supplier to dispense equipment efficiently and compliantly. 

When a supplier enrolls for Accreditation, they must choose which Product Categories they wish to be accredited for.  Once the process, including inspections is complete, the supplier may then be granted accreditation to supply the products in the categories chosen for accreditation.  ONLY products in those categories may be supplied to patients and billed to their insurance.  

There are many specialties but usually 3 main types of suppliers you will encounter when searching for a DME to dispense for your patient.  Respiratory, Mobility, and Orthotic.
Each requires a separate and specific accreditation process and many different licenses.  This is why many providers specialize in one category or another.  This can sometimes make it difficult to find a supplier than is accredited to dispense the equipment needed. 

Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program, along with various State Licensing requirements, make this search all the more difficult.